Faculty Members Publish Academic and Research Works

Congratulations to the faculty members of the College of Social Science who recently published their research and academic outputs in international indexed and Philippine academic journals.

Assoc. Prof. Rowena Villarama-Mende
Psychology Program
Article: “Women Choosing Younger Men: Exploring Evolved Mate Preferences and Mate Choice Copying”

Asst. Prof. Atty. Francis Michael C. Abad
Political Science Program
Article: “Order out of Court: Insights on the Lawyers’ Role in the Success and Failure of Mediation in Cebu City, Philippines”

Asst. Prof. Noe M. Santillan
High School & MEd Program
Article: “Musikang Bayan (People’s Music) and the Militant-Materialist-Progressive-Nationalist Music”

Assoc. Prof. Weena S. Gera, Ph.D.
Political Science Program
Article: “Duterte’s Tight Grip over Local Politicians: Can it Endure?”

Asst. Prof. Ronald R. Pernia
Political Science Program
Article: “Authoritarian Values and Institutional Trust: Theoretical Considerations and Evidence from the Philippines”

Asst. Prof. Ana Leah Dungog-Cuizon, DPA and Lect. Atty. Cyril Bryan D. Cuizon
Political Science Program
Article: “Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT): In the Lens of Philippine Decentralization”

Asst. Prof. Noe John Joseph E. Sacramento
Political Science Program
Article: “Technocratic and Deliberative Nexus in Policy Analysis: Learning from Smart City Planning in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Asst. Prof. Ana Leah Dungog-Cuizon, DPA
Political Science Program
Article: “Municipal Level-Democratic Dialogue Towards Empowerment and Genuine Community Development: The Municipal Talakayan Experience”

Assoc. Prof. Weena S. Gera, Ph.D.
Political Science Program
Article: “Local Adaptation to Central Government Shortcomings: COVID-19 Responses in the Cities of Iloilo and Cebu, Philippines”

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