Psych Program Holds API for Masters in Social and Organizational Psychology

by Ms. Ma. Amale Larrazabal, Instructor, Psychology Program

The Psychology Program Faculty continued designing the courses for the proposed Masters Program in Social and Organizational Psychology (this week). Course packs for the final list of courses to be offered were drafted and submitted for comments to social psychologist and Professor Emeritus of the UP Diliman Psychology Department, Dr. Maria Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco and human potential development expert, Prof. Hans Lenhard, Professor Emeritus, Universitat Kassel Germany Visiting Professor and Trainer at UP Diliman and the Human Potential Development-Gestalt Institute of Manila. The degree program was first organized last year, 2020, having observed the need for social and organizational competencies in the Cebu market. This program aims to offer courses that are applicable in the workplace including organizational development, conflict management, managerial psychology, applied psychological research, applied social psychology, and consumer psychology to name a few. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the faculty conducted the said module making workshop virtually and were hopeful in finalizing the proposed program for curriculum review.

Photo by Prof. Jonathan C. de la Cerna

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