The Office of the College Secretary is the repository of students’ grades. It is responsible for the safekeeping of students’ academic records. As such, it performs the following functions:

  1. To inform students during registration of their schedule, curricula and other matters;
  2. To provide services to students in relation to their academic requirements ;
  3. To identify the University Scholars and College Scholars and certify the graduation of students with      honors;
  4. To help execute decisions of committees of the college and of the University authorities affecting students;
  5. To see that requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

The Office of the College Secretary also prepares the minutes of the College Faculty meetings.


Other student services related to academic requirements may be availed of at the Office of the University Registrar.  Forms may be downloaded at the official website of the Office of the University Registrar at ( or the link/s provided below. Also, steps/ processes are provided in the OUR website. (

 Application for Student Overload Form

FORM 26 Dropping Form

Change of Matriculation Form

Appeal for Readmission Form

Application for Leave of Absence

FORM 26A Permit for Removal of Incomplete 4.0

FORM 13C Report for Completion Removal of Grades

Application for Waiver of Prerequisites

Substitution Form

Request to Cross-Register Form

FORM 3.5A Application Form for Cross-Registrants* or Special Students

Guidelines for Admission of Cross-Registrants* or Special Students (Foreign or Local)

Student Visa and Special Study Permit Information

Office:  Rm. 135, AS Building, UP Cebu, Lahug, Cebu City or Contact us: [email protected]