Master of Education



The Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a non-thesis graduate program offered on trimestral basis. It is designed for:

  1. Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) or Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) graduates;
  2. school administrators with bachelor’s degree; and 
  3. current or prospective faculty members who wish to increase their professional preparation through further studies in areas relevant to teacher education.

Classes are held every Saturday at the UP Cebu Professional Schools, SRP campus.



The Master of Education (M. Ed.) program offers seven (7) major options or fields of specializations, among them are:

¤ English as a Second Language (ESL)

¤ Mathematics

¤ Social Studies

¤ Biology

¤ Chemistry

¤ Physics

¤ Filipino

The M. Ed. Program is designed to align with the K to 12 Curriculum’s content, to integrate the use of ICT in pedagogy and intercultural competence in the context of nationalism and internationalization. The Program utilizes ICT as a tool that facilitates learning and promotes education more suited to the technologically modern times.

As a field of study, the focus is on ICT and its impact on education, particularly how it changes the landscape of education to promote development.


Study Options

The M.Ed. program is scheduled on a trimestral scheme and is normally completed in two (2) years or six (6) trimesters.

Either of the two (2) study options may be availed by students:

a.) Plan A

– 34-40 units

–  Four (4) units in research (Special Problem)

– No comprehensive examination

b.) Plan B

– 36-40 units

– No Special Problem

– Comprehensive examination required