High School Program

A. Democratized Admission Policy

The University of the Philippines has adopted a policy of democratized admission for students in the high schools of the UP System. Under this concept, “every high school in UP is a program for helping economically disadvantaged but deserving students gain access to tertiary level education in UP.” Pursuant to this policy, UP High School Cebu admits Grade 7 students from low-income families. As such, the High School is an experimental laboratory for innovative teaching strategies designed to better prepare the students for tertiary education particularly in the UP System where they can avail of subsidized education through the socialized tuition program.

B. Schedule of Admission Activities

February 15, 2021 – Start of application process
May 30, 2021 – Last day for filing of JHSAT application
June 1-4, 2021 – Online Interview of Applicants and Parent/Guardian
June 18, 2021 – Releasing of List of Qualified HSAT Takers
July 12-16, 2021 – Online JHSAT (Junior High School Admission Test)
July 30, 2021 – Releasing of HSAT Results
August 9, 2021 – Pre-enrollment of qualifiers
August 10, 2021 – Pre-enrollment of waitlisted qualifiers


Submission of requirements and filling out of application forms are done online. Please check the official HSAT page on Facebook for updates.

C. Qualifications for Admission

To qualify for the JHSAT, an applicant must:

  1. be an elementary school graduate by the end of School Year 2020-2021;
  2. not have previously studied in another high school;
  3. have a computed mean grade of 85 or better for the following subjects: Math, Science, English/Reading, Civics/Social Studies, and
    Filipino at the time of filing of application. Moreover, he/she must have NO grade below 80 in any subject;
  4. has a conduct grade of B or its equivalent; and
  5. come from a family whose total annual gross income is P250,000.00 or less. This requirement is waived for dependents of UP personnel.

D. Supporting Documents Required

  1. Two (2) copies of RECENT 2×2 colored or black and white photo with the applicant’s complete name tag;
  1. A certified true copy of the Grade 5 report card and of the latest Grade 6 report card (1st or 2nd Grading Period). The documents should
    be signed by the Principal or the Adviser. (NOTE: A photocopy without the original signature of the Principal or the Adviser will not be
  2. Documents on family income (both mother and father)
    • A copy of the BIR Form No. 2316 of the latest year (2019/2020) for parent or parents who are employed. If one of the parent is
      unemployed, both parents will attach a notarized affidavit stating the source of income of the family and the family’s total annual gross
    • A certification of “No/Low income” from the BIR if both parents are not working;
    • A copy of the business tax of the latest year (2019/2020) for those engaged in business;
    • A copy of the latest contract (POEA-Certified) for OFW parents which specifies the compensation;
    • A certification as single parent from DSWD or a photocopy of the DSWD ID in case applicable;
    • A certification as recipient of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program from DSWD;
  3. A copy of the electric bill and internet bill (if any) for the last two months;
  4. A clear vicinity sketch or map of the applicant’s residence; and
  5. A photograph of the applicant in front and inside (showing full interior) of his/her house (see sample pictures).

E. UP Cebu Personnel

  1. Definition
    • UP Cebu Personnel refers to all full-time personnel – permanent or temporary, regular, incumbents, substitutes, casual or contractual
      personnel (as stated in the “Matters Arising from the Minutes” during the 27 August 1992 meeting). However, only UP personnel who
      has rendered at least one year of service may apply for the waiver of the income requirement for applicants as their dependent.
    • A qualified UP employee dependent refers to a child whether legitimate, illegitimate and legitimated or adopted. Copies of corresponding
      legal documents must be submitted.
  1. Policies
    • If a dependent belongs to the top forty (40) examinees, he/she is automatically qualified for UPHS admission.
    • If a dependent is in the 41st – 80th rank, he/she is automatically a priority in the waitlist.
    • If a dependent’s rank is below 80, he/she is disqualified for admission.

F. Steps in the Application Process


  1. Fill out the HSAT Pre-Screening Form at https://forms.gle/eEAz9jdqYuzCahwK6.
  2. Attach the following documents:
    • report cards (see page 1, Supporting documents No. 2), and
    • proof of income (see page 1, Supporting documents No. 3).
  3. SUBMIT the Form upon completion.
  4. Wait for the email confirmation from UPHS Cebu Office for the result of the HSAT pre-screening


(Note: Only those who qualified from the pre-screening can proceed to Step 2)

  1. Fill out the HSAT application form (link of the Google Form will be provided thru emails).
  2. Pay the P300 application fee (see payment details below)
  3. Attach the following supporting documents:
    • RECENT 2×2 colored or black and white photo with the applicant’s complete name tag;
    • A copy of the electric bill and internet bill (if any) for the last two months;
    • A clear vicinity sketch or map of the applicant’s residence; and
    • A photograph of the applicant in front and inside (showing full interior) of his/her house (See sample pictures).
    • Proof of payment of the Application Fee
  4. SUBMIT the form upon completion.
  5. Wait for the email regarding your schedule of the interview.


  1. Attend the interview on the given schedule.
  2. Wait for the email about the results of your interview.

STEP 4: ONLINE JHSAT (Junior High School Admission Test)

Note: Only those who qualified in Step 2 and 3 can take the online examination)

G. Fees

An application fee of three hundred pesos (P300.00) is required, which will be paid through Philippine Veterans Bank with the following details:

Account Name: UP Cebu
Account Number: 0021-006900-001

You can pay through online channels such as GCash, InstaPay, or Bank Transfers. Attach in your application form the proof of payment (must
include amount, transaction date, time, and reference number). Only successful and confirmed payments will be honored (See sample below).

H. Coverage of the Junior High School Admission Test (JHSAT)

The JHSAT covers the following subject areas:

  1. Leadership and character 4. Mathematics
  2. English 5. Social Studies
  3. Filipino 6. Science

Except for the Filipino area, all other subject areas are administered in the English language.

I. Sample Pictures

  • The applicants must submit pictures of the different part of his/her house.
  • The applicant must be in the picture as well.

Please also visit the UP High School Cebu Admission Test Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UPCebuHSAT or call UP High School Cebu at (032) 232-8187 local 301 for the details of the application.

HSAT Guidelines revised on 27 November 2018; 18 January 2021.