Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Program was adopted in 1982 and has been revised over the years to be relevant to the present and contemporary Political Science trends and discourses.

The program provides professional training for students who would like to pursue careers in governance, politics, law, Foreign Service, social/ community service, development studies, and the academe. A considerable number of alumni from the Program are active and well-known in the different sectors such as governance, private corporations, GOs, NGOs, people’s organizations as well as in the diplomatic career, in the fields of politics and law, in the academe, in policy research, and in community work.

The Political Science Program strives to further expose students to contemporary issues and equip them with life-long skills to analyze global situations that impinge on local, national, and international arena.

Over the years, the Program has produced a number of lawyers, judges, and heads of NGOs, graduates who pursued diplomatic careers, as well as political leaders and government officials.




In the context of ICT for development, the Political Science Program envisions itself to:

> Be the center of local and regional researches on governance and development;

> Provide training and expertise in areas that respond to the critical issues confronting the region, nation and the world such as rights-based perspective on development, poverty eradication, corruption, human rights violations, conflict resolution and sustainable development.



The program shall focus on ICT as an important component of governance, politics, and law in the modern world. As a tool, the Political Science Program will focus on ICT as a tool that influences governance, politics and law in the modern world. As an area of study, the focus will be on the impact of ICT as well as policy research and policy creation on ICT that would contribute to development.



Access to Study PlanĀ (Effective 1st Semester AY 2018-2019)




For admission requirements, please refer to the UP Cebu website to learn more.